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“Can’t Take Us Anywhere” Podcast 

Featured: Food Porn with Faded Grace

The ladies of Faded Grace get together and cook a healthy meal with colorful commentary. Healthy recipes, delivered with a dose of dirty.

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We are a start up brand and record label based in Dallas, TX, owned and operated solely by women. Our artists provide a variety of content in addition to their music, in the form of vlogs, web series’ and podcasts. Our website serves as a platform for our artists to share their music and explore other creative projects in a female positive environment. New content is featured weekly on our website and YouTube channel! Browse, shop, enjoy!
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Silly, fun and powerful, VAGINAMYTE! is our unique brand, represented by our bold LOGO, aiming to break the barriers of the traditional idea of femininity and promote freedom of expression for all.


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Series: She Wants the D “The Offseason”

Did you enjoy watching the girls give colorful game commentary during this explosive Dallas Cowboys season? Now you can watch their recovery from mass amounts of beer and nachos as they diet, exercise, and prepare for their biggest and first stage performance of the year!

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Series: She Wants the D, 2018 Season
The girls give colorful game commentary for the Dallas Cowboys

Our Favorite Vlog! Faded Grace Vlog of their first show in 4 years WATCH NOW!

Oldies but Goodies!

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