Women Who Rock! by Cody Johnson


By Staff Blogger, Cody Johnson
When you hear the words “Rock N’ Roll”, who comes to mind? Maybe the Rolling Stones, KISS, Jimi Hendrix, or perhaps the King (Elvis Presley)… as these legendary acts have always been a staple in music history. However, how often do the names Joan Jett, Lita Ford, or Janis Joplin creep in through the mix? Most rock playlists on the jukebox at my local watering hole rarely include these female artists. Which to me is a huge shame. Some of my absolute favorite rock artists are either female fronted or all female bands. Whenever I hear songs like Little Sister by The Runaways or even something more modern such as a shredding guitar riff or angelic vocal phrasing from Lzzy Hale.. it fires me up like nothing else. Pure ass kicking attitude. Rock and Roll for the most part was always male dominated and still is to an extent. These women had to fight through some pretty tough barriers to have their voices heard. It is evident in every note that they will take no flack and will fight tooth and nail to keep the male rockstar egos at bay. These women have something to say and they will say it despite whatever obstacle stands in the way. It is an attitude to be admired and honored. As I begin a series of blogs on these female rockers I will do my very best to bring to light not only the talent, but the drive behind every artist I interview or write about. These women will kick your ass and have you begging for a place among them.
Peace. Love. Rock N’ Roll! 🤘

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