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Hello Vaginamyte family!
If my readers will permit, I’d like to talk about my own band a little bit today. I am going to keep it short and sweet. 🙂
As the lead guitarist and composer of a female fronted band, I often see first hand the struggles women have to overcome. Not only in music, but society in general. For example.. We were supposed to return to the studio to finish our first full length this past week. Due to some unfortunate circumstances however, we began looking for a new producer. Which isn’t an easy task once you’ve already found someone you can work with well. We began doing a little research and making some phone calls. Our front woman (RJ) called a guy who has apparently won awards .. yada yada.. the type of person that likes to toot his own horn so to speak. The quote he gave her was ridiculously expensive. I guess he thought he could play her and she’d be gullible. That isn’t the case with this gal. RJ is a brilliant business woman and she doesn’t take $*** from anyone. After a brief conversation she proceeded to ask him; “If you charge that much and you do this for a living, then why aren’t you in Nashville or L.A.?” The guy was dumbfounded and instead of apologizing and being a civil human being.. he hung up on her. This is small town east Texas. Nobody charges 1500 per song. Not even some of the legends we have amongst us. So I want to salute all savvy business women who take no shit and love to rock. We have had a rough time booking anything or getting anyone to pay much attention to us simply because she is a woman. I think it is so stupid that talent goes to waste because of simple minded and ignorant people. That’s all for now. I am currently working on some really big interviews and content.. so stay tuned and keep reading. Things are about to turn up with a ton of gain!
Live. Love. Rock N Roll!

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