Not Goodbye, Just ‘See Ya Later’

By Cody Johnson
Hello beautiful people of Vaginamyte!
I hope everyone had a great and kickass Thanksgiving holiday!
I have been working to bring you all content from some of the most badass women in music… unfortunately my position as a writer here must be put on pause for an indefinite amount of time. Before I depart, I’d like to leave my readers with some words of inspiration.
For most of us rock n roll is not just a style of music.. but instead a way of life. As I’ve said in past writings. Over the decades people have said that rock n roll is dead…. that statement couldn’t be further from the truth! A way of life doesn’t die. So rock n roll will never die.
There are those of us who still live in the depths of rock n roll. We still celebrate and love some piece of music so much that we will go to great lengths to keep it blasting. Even as I sit here and write this blog from my bedroom while listening to The Donnas and smoking a cigarette.. I wonder how many mainstream “rockers” still live like they don’t give a f%&k what anyone thinks.. this piece is a bit directionless so bare with me. šŸ™‚
I’m not necessarily condoning sex drugs and whatever the 80s told us it was all about. Of course a little bit of indulgence is part of the whole thing but not what it’s all about. It’s about living and loving and making a joyful noise even if it is a sad or angry noise.. it is still a celebration and we can let no one take it from us. We answer to no one and we live for each other. We travel 100s of miles and spend thousands of dollars to play music in front of small crowds and usually don’t make back the money we spent getting to the gig. Let alone the hours spent writing and rehearsing or the money we spend on equipment. A little story and I’ll be on my way for a bit…
During the summer of 2012 I was playing guitar in a band called Setacide. We were busting our asses trying to get into any club that would take us. It was a rough time but also the best of times. It was during this period when we were put on a local show to support an out of town act known as Faded Grace. I had little to no knowledge of this group. Only that is was an all female band. I remember the excitement I felt knowing that information because of how much I love female bands. Of course the macho in me was thinking we would go on stage and rip the place a new one and the girls would have to try and pick up the pieces. I was very wrong.. I blame mostly my age at the time (25) and my little experience playing on the bill with women. When these gals took the stage.. I was in awe. They blew the roof off of that fucking dump and played as if they were in a huge arena! It was so badass and brutal that I continued listening to the band and still do. It made me take a step back from my own vanity and arrogance. I realized then that female bands weren’t just a neat little gem that I loved but instead huge contenders in the business I was trying to pursue full-time. I learned very quickly that these weren’t the type of girls I could hit on without being shamed or punched in the face. Hahah
They are true die hard fucking rockstars! Over the years I’ve played with other female bands and am actively a member in a female fronted band. We rock out and celebrate together and put egos and agendas aside. We’re all here for the music. We leave it on the stage. We laugh, drink and have a blast after the show without gender being an issue. Respect on all fronts and those who disrespect get tossed out and kicked on their asses.
I love rock n roll. I love the women of rock n roll. I love the celebration of life that we all enjoy as a family.
With this all being said,, I will be back. I just need to take a step down and focus on other things at the moment. I love all of you!
Peace. Love. Rock N Roll! šŸ¤˜
“I’ll be back before you know” – The Donnas

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